Sunday, January 9, 2011

out with the old in with the new

Well, happy new year readers of Last of the Foxes!
With a new decade upon us comes some big new years resolutions. So far mine are:
          1. Get better grades
          2. Blog way more
          3. Do more arts and crafts
          4. Post more pictures of myself on my blog
          5. Get more followers on my blog
So ya, most of them are blog related. Hopefully at least a couple will get accomplished.
Do you guys have any resolutions?

Here are some pictures from new years eve:
My cousin Ali with her new camera lense.
You can check out her photography blog here: 

My cousin Zoe with her hand-knit cowl.
You can check out her blog here: 

My cousin Petra with her blue hair. 

Anyways that's it! I hope you guys all had a fantastic new year eve and a wonderful new year!