Monday, January 24, 2011

back from the big apple

so i just got back from New York today after leaving on Friday.
Of course i spent the weekend shopping and here's a little look at what i bought:
Jersey top from Topshop: $15.00
I know, i already have one in red. But they're just so comfy!!!
Crocheted kimono from Topshop (but i got it in black): $95.00

I also bought a white lacy dress from Zara for 20.00, a sunflower print peter-pan colored dress from Topshop for 25.00, and a wine colored cropped sweater from Urban Outfitters for 29.99.
So it was a pretty successful weekend. Had food at the park-slope diner, Shake Shack (Mushroom burger goodness- yum...), and Balthazaar, where we got the extra special booth. I had an amazing pumpkin and brown butter ravioli and a mushroom and caramelized onion tart. Ahh i can still taste it...
Sadly i didn't even take one picture because i lost my camera charger. oops.
So that was one thing that kind of sucked.
Oh well, i'll be back soon enough.

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