Monday, March 1, 2010

I just can't stop online shopping...

Well, i just seem to be  finding more and more time on my hands so what am i doing???
I'm also in the process of knitting a sweater so i'll post those pics soon!!!!
This outfit id really cute and it's reasonably priced. The top is $35 from American Eagle.
These peach shorts from American Eagle are just to DIE for!!!! i HAVE to have them!!!!
Also, a lot of people don't like harem pants, but one of my favorite youtubers, MikaKitty has a pair of Harem pants and she hiked them up and  made them high waisted and i REALLY want to do that now!!!
Well, now i'm on Topshop. (for those of you who don't know who what Topshop is, it's the most AWESOME store in the world!!!! Sadly, it's only in New York and London!!! :'(
i just love this white nightie, but it's $80 US.
Here's just some more things that i L-O-V-E!!!!!

I wish stores like American Apparel weren't soooo expensive!!!!! it's like $40 at least for 2 pieces of fabric sown together!!!! It's ridiculous!!!!! Well, that's all for now!!  love ya!! <3

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